It Is Thought To Cause “Spooky Action”

There is little doubt in the physics community that thought plays a significant role in shaping reality. I’m not surprised because I always believed it was our imagination that’s responsible for creating our reality. I am amazed by the fact that although we all live together on planet earth, we each live in different worlds. […]

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Lateral thinking about our emotions

The Truth About Dr. Edward de Bono’s Six Hats Theory

Solving a problem by looking at it from as many different angles as you can create increases the likelihood of finding a solution, and the Six Hats theory developed by Dr. Edward de Bono gives 6 starter ways to separate the thinking process. He describes his theory as wearing different hats, Blue, White, Red, Yellow, […]

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Watch For Falling Rock Road Sign

Watch For Falling Rock smiley

A father and his child were driving through the mountains. As they passed this “Watch for falling rock” sign the curious child asked what does that mean. The always witty, lateral thinking father replied, “Stick your hand out the window, if you catch a falling rock we’ll take it to the Police Station and they’ll […]

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Powerful Mind

Mankind Is 199,746 Years Late!

I’m pissed! Well not really, but we all should be. We’re living in a world that is 199,746 years behind where it could have been! Sound’s crazy I know, but  “Modern Homo sapiens”, (which we all are) have existed for 200,000 years, ±5000 years. That means the human brain of today has been the same […]

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